We believe computer software applications should be designed and developed to exceed expectations of reliability and performance for ensuring smooth operation under worst case conditions. As a result, our applications provide a lifetime of trouble free continuous operation resulting in rapid return on investment and delighted customers.


Web Application

We develop web enabled software solutions that reduce management costs and inhouse hardware, are easier than their counterparts to update and are cross platform compatible.

Web applications perform just as standard desktop applications but have a web interface, this allows your staff to access and use the software from anywhere in the world so long as they have access to a web browser.

Our in house team of web developers, based at our offices in London, typically carry out web development projects using the Angular.js Framework, Java Restful Api based on Dropwizard and Postgres SQL Server. Our particular area of expertise includes the development of single page web applications such as complex database driven websites and web based business tools.

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Database Design

From small standalone catalogues to large web-enabled CRM ,E-commerce system databases are the cornerstone of many IT systems.  The majority of web applications and software solutions developed by us today have a database backend.

Examples of database applications include:



Upload and share documents, images and video within your company or with clients


Having a list of your company products in a database allows you to monitor stock levels automatically. This simple process gives your business vital information on product turnover and means that you re-order at the optimal time saving you money.  It also allows you to focus on the more profitable high turnover stock.


Sales and payments can be maintained in database to give you up to date information on amounts owed, turnover and client accounts.  The sales invoices can also be linked to your product database to automatically update stock levels.


A database is an ideal tool to manage your client list.

  • Quickly see all the information and previous contact history for a client.
  • Store documents relating to a client.
  • Easily create and maintain a list of next contact dates to ensure clients are contacted at regular intervals.
  • Create groups of customers to be used for mail-shots.
  • Send an e-mail to a group of customers.

For an example of a completed system see our Givergy case study

Objectyl has experience in all major database platforms, including:

  • Oracle / PL SQL Programming
  • MySQL Server
  • Postgres SQL

Online Payment Solutions

Web Applications / Web Based Business Tools

The distinction between desktop software and web-based applications is becoming increasingly blurred in today’s connected world. Web applications provide the ability for applications which were typically confined to the local desktop to be accessible via the web browser. This in turn allows a single installation of the web application to be accessed remotely, at weekends, and even allows for integration with your extranet or intranet.

Objectyl's in house developers typically carry out web development projects using the Angular.js, JAVA, Dropwizard Framework and Postgres SQL Server.

E-Commerce Sites

E-commerce allows products to be sold online from your website without assistance from your sales team. Objectyl can implement secure online stores which allow visitors to browse your product range, select products they wish to purchase and proceed through an online checkout. We have experience of integrating with payment gateways including:

  • PayPal
  • Braintree
  • Stripe
  • Bank APIs (e.g. HSBC)

We can also advise on which solution is best for your needs.

By combining an e-commerce solution with our secure managed web hosting Objectyl can provide and manage your e-commerce website maintaining security and ensuring faultless operation.