Our Approach

We believe computer software applications should be designed and developed to exceed expectations of reliability and performance for ensuring smooth operation under worst case conditions. As a result, our applications provide a lifetime of trouble free continuous operation resulting in rapid return on investment and delighted customers.

Our Story

We have been working on software development since 2010. Our aim is to create efficient, scalable, reliable softwares for small or large companies. To do that we are keeping us up to date always and it gives us agility, fast development cycles based on different demands. We have built many apps for HSBC, Vodafone, local banks and small companies across Europe. Since we relocated in London our main area is providing efficient payment solution based on PayPal, Braintree, Stripe for small volume customers who can not afford PSI  compliance certificate.

So far we've doing well.


Meet the Team

Who we are


Mehmet Aktas

Founder & CEO

Senior Agile Software Developer